SPI Causeway Construction

Friday, June 24, 2011 - 9:16am

The Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge is over two miles long and reaches almost one-hundred feet at its highest point, but that’s not all.

“It consists of about one hundred and fifty thousand square feet of steel,” says District Bridge Engineer Rex Costley.

All of that steel is currently being cleaned and painted by Costley and his crew. The main focus of the project is to provide maintenance for the girders which help support the causeway’s highest point.

“This work takes a considerable amount of time just due to the magnitude of the work involved, but it is well deserved and well needed,” says Costley.

The last time the bridge received this type of maintenance was over fifteen years ago. According to Costley the construction is nearly seventy percent complete and should provid3 support for more than a decade.

“If this wasn't treated the steel would continue to corrode and place a threatening situation to the bridge by compromising the integrity of the structure,” says Costley. “We have an expectation that this paint system should last us fifteen years.”

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