Speedy Delivery

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - 9:09am

Man says he'll fight 102-mph ticket received while rushing his wife to the delivery room.

Little Kyle Coughlin couldn't wait to be born, and now his quick arrival has his parents fighting a speeding ticket.

In a 20-minute car ride from home to the hospital back in September, Angela Coughlin's contractions got closer and closer.

"She started to have labor pains when we were driving to the hospital. They got intense," said John Coughlin, the baby's father.

"Like you can't stop 'em," Angela continued. "I'm like, 'You have to get me to the hospital. I'm gonna have a baby in this car if you stop.'"

For Angela, stopping wasn't an option.

"I wanted him to be in the delivery room, I didn't want him to deliver," said Angela.

So, John drove as fast as he could, and then saw a state trooper trying to pull him over.

"Soon as I saw his lights come on, I called 911 just to make sure he knew I wasn't evading him," said John.

"He helped her out of the car. We went to the emergency room nurses station. She gave birth," said John. "He said, 'Congratulations. You have a son, but the bad news is I'm going to have to see you in court.'"

So, Angela delivered a healthy baby boy and John got clocked going 102 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone, with a fine to be determined.

"There's no lesson to be learned because we'd do the exact same thing again," said Angela.

The Coughlins are due in court next Monday to plead their case in front of a judge.


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