Speed possible cause for big rig rollover


POSTED: Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 4:13pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 1, 2014 - 9:35am

A truck driver is recovering after rolling over his big rig and taking out an electrical post. Na'Tassia Finley spoke to one business owner in the area who said speeding truckers is all too common in the area and he wants to see change.

Daniel Alcala, "They're really going fast, it's pretty scary, pretty scary. I figured that this was going to happen one of these days and we got it here."

A truck driver is recovering from leg and back injuries after flipping his 18 wheeler in the 5200 block of Commercial Drive Thursday morning. Dozens of people stood outside as first responders pulled the driver from the big rig as live electrical wires laid across the truck.

One onlooker says speeding truckers is a daily occurrence along this narrow little side road, he and a few others think that's likely the cause behind the crash, however investigators are still working to determine the exact cause.

Daniel Alcala,"The drivers seem to think this is a freeway."

He guesses most of the drivers coming in and out of this narrow street drive anywhere from 45 to 50 mph, Daniel Alcala,"They like to whip around the corner as fast as they can whip it and today you see the results of that trailer tipping over."

Daniel Alcala,"Whenever my employees come out, we're always joking about how we got to be careful about getting out of the parking lot cause we might get side swiped by one of these truckers."

There is some truth to their joking, Alcala says every few months they have to replace their business mailbox because it gets taken out by a trucker who takes the curve too fast, "In fact we have a camera set up there now so we can capture whatever truck line hits it or side swipes it."

He's hoping the city will take action to improve the safety from employees working in the area, Daniel Alcala,"I'd like to see at least a couple of speed bumps, as much as I hate speed bumps, but they really work. It'll slow these truckers down."

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