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POSTED: Friday, May 18, 2012 - 4:38pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 18, 2012 - 4:41pm

Brownsville is one of only three locations the company SpaceX is considering for a launch site. The other two locations are in Puerto Rico and Florida. Brownsville could become a gateway to outer space.

"The two vehicles we would look at are the Falcon 9 vehicle which has launched twice and the Falcon Heavy which is a larger version."

Steven Davis with SpaceX says one of the main reason Brownsville is the running is its geographic location. The proposed site would be near Boca Chica Beach..

"Brownsville has a lot of features especially the coastal location. It's helpful from a safety standpoint there are a lot of FAA regulations and Brownsville as well as some other sites were compliant with those."

For this project SpaceX must go through a number of steps to obtain permits and licenses. The Federal Aviation Administration is preparing an environmental impact statement to assess the project's impact on air quality and wildlife.
If the launch site comes to Brownsville it will bring a lot of new jobs.

"The beauty of this project they would create upward of 600 jobs at least paying $55,000 annual salary wages."

One of those people interested in working at SpaceX is Texas A &M senior Emily Foster from Brownsville. She is studying aerospace engineering and had the chance to intern with SpaceX in California last summer.

"I would work with SpaceX my experience was a positive one and I respect the company, they are so hard working."

She is not the only one from the public backing for the project. Recently hundreds of people came out a public forum to hear about the project. These folks even dressed up.

"It's really interesting and cool."
"It's an excellent opportunity for Brownsville not only for children but everybody."

Luisa Zambrano is works at UTB with the Department of Physics and Astronomy and says this will have a big educational impact.

"Not only the Children's museum and the Art museums but the Science Center in San Benito will have more recruitment and be able to showcase how space is related to everything we study and do."

The project is getting a strong backing from city and county leaders.

"Great idea, great proposition we have to stay the course and make sure we do everything to attract this kind of employer."

State representatives, Senators, and the Governor have jumped on board with the project. The Governor issued this letter showing his support for the project. Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. has also issued a letter of support.

"The letter states that we have a commitment to the community to get behind the effort of SpaceX and be successful that we support it in every end."

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