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POSTED: Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 11:39am

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 4:08pm

Almost everyone knows someone who has diabetes.We tell how doing two simple things eating healthy and exercising can play a big role in preventing you from getting diabetes.

The world health organization reports that 350-million people globally have diabetes. In the US., 15% percent of the population is diabetic, 30% of Cameron county residents have the disease, twice the national average.

"Diabetes is a disorder which results from failing to use sugar in the body."

Dr. Susan Fisher-Hoch is an epidemiologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston school of Public Health Brownsville campus.
She says the majority of the people with diabetes are adults. They have what's called diabetes two.

"In our modern life with poor diets, too much food, obesity and lack of exercise means a lot of people develop diabetes."

If a person has diabetes it could cause some very serious problems if not treated.

"Your eye sight is being impaired and damaged, your blood vessels, your heart, your brain, your liver, almost everything will be damaged by diabetes."

Fisher-Houch says although the majority of people with diabetes are found in adults but now more children in Cameron county are starting to get it.

"This has to do with obesity and weight in children."

Belinda Reininger is an association professor of behavioral science.

"We know the best way to control diabetes and prevent is control weight and get healthy weight."

Reininger says that's done two ways through healthy eating and exercising.

For exercise adults should exercise 30 minutes a day and children should exercise for an hour.

Exercises that are great for you and fun are activities like zumba, a nice walk, and even a jog.

As far as eating Reininger says to eat five fruits and vegetables a day and staying away from the junk food.

"Red tomatoes, oranges, lettuce and salads."

Reininger says it's to community to help provide these types of foods.

"We need farmers markets and mobile vendors who are promoting fresh fruits so our community has fresh healthy options compared to rather what we currently have."

In Brownsville there a place provide just that...it's the Brownsville farmers market which is open every Saturday at linear park from 9 a-m to noon every Saturday."

When its comes to your meals it should be a balanced one.
Reininger recommends a plate that is 1/2 fruits and vegetables, a quarter of the plate of protein, and 1/4 whole grain.

"That is an appropriate meal that provides nutrients the portion size that will achieve idea weight for our height."

with these tips this will help you prevent getting diabetes.

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