Special Report: Boxer Eric Molina

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 9:50am

His name is Eric Molina. He is from Lyford. He has a big fight on Saturday, and if he wins it could land him a shot at fighting for a world title."

This is a Eric Molina, a Lyford native, currently living in Weslaco.
He is a university of Texas at Brownsville graduate with a degree in Disciplinary studies, and currently working on his masters.
On Saturday in Corpus Christi Molina will be taking on Chris Arreola.

"It's a world title elimination bout, I am fighting the number one contender in the world, the winner is going to have front runner up to fight for a world title."

This is a moment the 18 and 1 fight whose has been fighting for 7 years has been waiting for.

"Coming in I got a great team here we are having fun we are working hard, this is a dream come true for me this is a big opportunity for me and I am ready to take full advantage of it."

Molina is training this week in Edinburg for big match on Saturday.

"In 20 fights I have had this is the best camp I have had by far."
"Brought in Oliver McCall master of heavy weight boxing. He's trained me, spared with me giving me advice he's prepared in a way no one in the world could have prepared me for this fight very grateful to have him here and have my team to prepare me."

Molina sending this message to all up and coming boxers in the Valley.

"You have a dream you have to stick to it, protect it when I started people laughed why is this guy still fighting when he lost his first fight, bottom line is you have a dream you always follow it protect and go at it the best you can."
Eric Molina has the fight this Saturday it will be at American Bank Center in Corpus Christi.

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