Special Agent Jaime Zapata Laid To Rest


POSTED: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - 7:42pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 12:48pm

It was quite the scene at the Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens as hundreds paid respects to Jaime Zapata. Family, friends, and high profile officials among the many paying respects to Jaime Zapata.

With helicopters in the air, the hurse made it's way to the where Jaime Zapata was going to be laid to rest.
The family of Zapata and Victor Avila who was wounded in the alleged ambush in Mexico with Zapata was in a wheelchair made their way towards the casket.
On the casket was an america flag.. Bishop Daniel Flores started by putting holy water on the casket.
Hundreds of law enforcement looked on.
Among those in attendence included the Attorney General, Secretary of Homeland Security, the head of DEA and Customs and Border Protection.
The flag was then removed folded and given to the family.
Following that a border patrol horse went past the casket to pay respect to Zapata...
Then the family started placing flowers in the casket...
A brief message then followed.

"Alfa Homeland security investigator Jaime Zapata at 11 hundred hours may you rest in piece."

Shortly after others continued placing flowers on the casket ending the ceremony.

Director of immigration and customs John Morton spoke to the media about Zapata.

"He gave his life in Mexico in the cause of freedom here in our country and making Mexico a better place."
"Brownsville can take great pride how it saw one of it's son's off today."

Ice say they will continue to investigate to determine exactly what happened in Mexico.

"We are working hand and hand with the highest authorities to see that its properly investigated, the Mexican SSP and FBI to make sure justice is served."

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Hey editors, you missed this article!

"Alleged ambush"....ALLEGED????????????????
What are you thinking? What are you in fear of? State the facts....stand up for truth. Shame on KVEO - God Bless our heroes....God Bless our brothers and sisters in law enforcement...God Bless the Zapata Family.....

You also sound like a bunch of amateurs when get the name of an agency wrong in your report. Boneheads!!

"Alleged ambush"? There was nothing "alleged" about it. It was, in fact, an ambush. What is wrong with you media clowns? You don't have to be nice to the filthy bastards who killed one of our agents! Shame on you KVEO...

Sorry to the family at the loss of your precious son. May his sprit live on in your hearts and minds and may you be touched by his soul in your everyday lives.
Fellow CBP officer.

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