Spanish Class Students Recite Mexican Pledge of Allegiance as Assignment

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 9:14am

McALLEN - The Drudge Report recently posted a story about an assignment given to McAllen's Achieve Early College high school students.

In a Spanish language class, students were given an assignment to learn and say the Mexican Pledge of Allegiance. We asked our Facebook viewers what they thought and here is what they said.

Christine Williams says, "Of course, it's Spanish class. I took French growing up and we had to sing the French national anthem and learn all about France. Learning about other countries, even if they are only a mile away, is a great assignment."

Mike Santos disagrees saying, "This is America, not Mexico." and others have suggested different assignment ideas. Ruby Lamas says, "It is just an assignment, but why not assign the Star Spangled Banner, after all we are in the U.S.A." The McAllen I.S.D. would not comment on camera but did say in a written statement, "This was a one time lesson and that students do not recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance every morning. They do however, have the option of reciting the pledge of allegiance of the United States of America."

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