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Sony Takes Aim at iPad

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 - 8:34am

Company has high hopes for two new tablet computers.

Sony knows the computer tablet road is no easy stroll.

With the new Sony Tablet-S coming out in just a few weeks, they have their eye on both consumers and the dominant tablet player, the Apple iPad.

"We wanted to come out with a unique differentiated product and I think we have," says Sony's Ty Takayanagi. "We've embedded everything that we know about consumers electronics, all of our entertainment assets into one device."

The tablet is truly an extension on the Sony experience, complete with a Play Station feature, Sony e-reader, music and movies on what's called a "true black" screen taken from it's TV technology.

In addition to the traditional tablet, Sony has something else up its sleeve.

It's a much smaller version that you can literally fold up and stick in your pocket.

The dual screen, 13-ounce P-Tablet will be a 4G and sell through AT&T later this year.

Still, sony is late to the game.

"There's always room for another player, but it's getting awfully crowded and Apple has a very very very dominant share," says San Diego State University marketing professor Steven Osinski.

Osinski says other players have come and gone and none has been able to make much of a dent on iPad, but Sony's player has a different feel than the rest.

They hope they'll also have much better luck.

"We've noticed that a lot of tablet manufactures have focused on speed and feeds. Sony wanted to focus more on user experience," Takayanagi says.

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