Somber Search Continues

Monday, April 25, 2011 - 9:21am

Hundreds of volunteers comb Tennessee wilderness for signs of Holly Bobo.

The search for missing Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo continues.

It's been 11 days since the 20-year-old went missing from her Parson home, and while investigators had planned on calling off the volunteer-fueled ground searches soon, they found something Sunday afternoon that changed their minds.

Easter Sunday started the way all Sunday's do in Parsons, with prayer.

After a special sunrise service in Holly's honor, hundreds of volunteers got straight to work.

"Seeing people give up their Easters with their families to be here was very inspirational," said volunteer Glen Adams.

Hundreds spent the day sweating on their hands and knees away from their families, in hopes of helping the Bobo's reunite theirs.

Mid-way through the day there was a breakthrough.

Investigators say they found something.

They won't say what, but they will say it's significant enough to make them want to continue searching the area for at least one more day.

"It makes you feel great -- Easter Sunday and finding some good information," said Bobo family spokesperson Kevin Bromely. "Hopefully we can expand the search and find out more tomorrow."

Holly's parents said they wanted to thank those volunteers and officials face-to-face Sunday, and they tried.

Dana and Karen Bobo made it as far as the search headquarters parking lot, but had to turn around.

"Dana and Karen thought they could come and talk to the volunteers, to thank them and talk to them some," said Bromely. "But it's just too much, too hard."

"I'm glad she didn't because I think it would have been too emotional for the volunteers too," said Adams. "And we already know they appreciate us."

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