Snowy Owls Invade Seattle

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 2:09pm

Arctic birds flock to neighborhood in record numbers.

Residents of Seattle's Sunset Hill neighborhood are used to seeing all kinds of birds. Eagles, osprey, gulls, crows and others swoop and soar over the homes perched above the Ballard waterfront.

But for the last few weeks, a visitor from the frozen north has been stealing the show. Snowy owls that surprised many experts by migrating down into the lower 48 in huge numbers last year are back.

On Sunset Hill at least two of the giant birds can be seen relaxing on rooftops for hours in the middle of the day. Neighbors spend their daily walks and runs craning their necks and looking for the owls that are mostly white but have gray streaks. The streaks lead experts to believe they are probably juveniles or females.

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