Sneaker Scuffles

Monday, December 26, 2011 - 7:20am

Rowdy crowds get out of hand at stores across the country as new Air Jordan Retros go on sale.

Things got heated outside some stores Friday morning as anxious shoppers lined up to by Nike's Air Jordan Retro sneakers.

Hundreds of people pushed through the doors at Lafayette Square Mall in Indianapolis, almost trampling some small children.

Police were called to calm the crowd.

Near San Francisco, sales of the sneakers were suspended after someone fired a gun into the air, rattling a crowd of fellow shoppers.

In Seattle, police used pepper spray to break out a fight outside a mall there.

Hundreds of customers had been waiting in lines for hours to pay $180 dollars for shoes.

The crowd outside the store in Annapolis, Maryland had grown to 500 before sunrise.

The Retros are re-issues of the ones that debuted in 1995, worn by their namesake during the season Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to an NBA record 72 wins.

Today, they're instant collectibles, commanding top dollar.

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