Sneak Peak Interview With Mike Fossum Aboard the International Space Station

Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 8:58am

MCALLEN - Coming up in November, News Center 23 will be brining views a series on prominent Valley Natives who have made names for themselves nationally and internationally. 

That's right we are bringing you an in-depth interview with Mike Fossum while he is aboard the International Space Station orbiting the Earth.

Getting an opportunity like this doesn't come often, so here at News Center 23 we covered a variety of topics we thought viewers would want to see.

Now we can't show you everything, but this astronaut has plenty to say on growing up in the Valley, his current space mission, and future plans for NASA.

So to say the least, it's been another exciting day in the news!

Tune in the month of November for the fully interview between Cmdr. Mike Fossum and News Center 23 Reporter Erin Murray.

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