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Friday, February 17, 2012 - 11:03am

Missing pet cobra caught by glue trap.

A pet cobra that vanished from a Brownwood, Texas home a month ago has been found.

The potentially deadly snake was thought to be dead, until Wednesday night.

"Rarely do we get a call about a cobra or any other type of venomous snake," said Animal Control Officer Nick Ferguson.

Brownwood Police set out to find what was originally believed to be just a 12-inch cobra.

After treating the home with pesticide in an attempt to force the snake out, they believed it was dead.

Still, there was always a chance it could be alive, which is why they set out glue traps.

Wednesday night Brownwood Police received a 911 call informing them that the homeowners found the snake stuck to one of the glue traps.

It was found in the same room it was lost in.

The city is glad they can relax a bit, knowing what turned out to be a 2-foot, much larger snake, is in custody.

"We were a little nervous," said Ferguson. "You know, it's not every day you look for a cobra, or any other kind of non-indigenous reptiles."

The Sunset Monocled Cobra is in a much safer environment now at "For the Love of Nature."

What they hope to do is educate people on snakes like "Baby," as they have named the cobra.

"I think this is the best situation because now you're not going to have people worrying that it might still be alive or where it's at," said For the Love of Nature herpetologist Jeremy Wilson.

They hope to bring back the connection between people and nature.

That process starts with education.

"Most people have a fear of the snake and we want to turn that more towards a respect," Wilson says.

They plan to make the snake one of their ambassador species because it has a story to tell.

Baby's story could have very well started with the whoever sold the snake to the owner.

"There are a few bad apples that kind of ruin it for everybody," Wilson said. "The sellers who just want the money and will sell a cobra like this to anybody."

While the previous owner, who now sits in a jail cell, may have properly fed and hydrated the snake, one mistake caused chaos for an entire community.

"You shouldn't have a venomous reptile in the city at all," said Ferguson. "On top of that, you should make sure that it does not get out and there's no way that something that could kill somebody be loose in a house or even in the city. It's just too dangerous for people."

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