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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 8:47am

Letter arrives 66 years after being mailed.

Better late than never is the case for a 66-year-old letter that finally arrived in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

It landed in the hands of Tom O'Keefe, curator of the Annisquam Historical Society, and when the post man realized the mail was undeliverable.

“So he thought I'd be fascinated with it because it was sent in 1945,” said O'Keefe.

The letter, sent from Hyde Park, New York, is addressed to Mrs. S.E. Lawrence who lived in Gloucester, but she has since passed away.

"There's no family. I don't know about great, great," said O'Keefe.

There's nothing inside the envelope but a name.

“The gentleman who did the steel engraving, his name and address was on there. And that was it, it was just a rubber stamp, on a piece of cardboard," said O'Keefe.

To Tom, the most interesting thing about the letter is the historical significance of the FDR stamps outside.

“To me, it was the stamps. The stamps were beautifully engraved, they weren't separated, they were four stamps all together, and they were postmarked "Hyde Park, New York," and it said, 9 o'clock in the morning, 1945, I think it was July 29," said O'Keefe.

And he hopes it someday gets to be on display.

“I'll put it back in the historical, where it really belongs,” said O'Keefe.

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