Smugglers Continue To Use Homemade Spikes

Saturday, January 29, 2011 - 9:52pm

Drug smugglers are at it again. They are using home made spikes to escape from U.S. Customs agents.
This time, four vehicles were disabled on Tuesday night.  The homes made spikes helped the suspects get away.

Customs Agent Rosie Huey says :the spikes help buy time fro smugglers to get away. It just takes one spike to fully dismantle a vehicle.  The spikes not only put officers in danger but civilians as well.

The spikes are made of nails and are easy to make at home. They've been an affective tool for drug smugglers.
Officials in the upper valley say that throwing one of these is a violent attack against their Officers.
La Joya Police Officer Joe Cantu is no stranger to these home made spikes. Hhe says they have evolved over time.

Cantu took us to a road in la joya where their police units have been attacked with spikes.. Even though La Joya Police officers have had intensive training in pursuits...
Dirt roads make it hard to maneuver, especially in high speed chases.
Officials are pushing the government to out law home made spikes Officer Cantu says he hopes they can start to press charges this year..

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