Smuggler Crashes Into Utility Pole


POSTED: Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - 4:59pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 9, 2011 - 9:17am

LA JOYA- After six in the morning is when police stopped a car after a traffic violation off Expressway 83. As the officer approaches the vehicle, the suspects puts the peddle to the metal and speeds off.

"The officer then engaged in a pursuit which went East bound on Expressway 83. The driver then exited on Abram road and went North bound," said Julian Gutierrez of La Joya Police.

Sharon Munoz says she sees these types of incidents all the time near her home and doesn't feel safe living in the area any more.

"There's traffic and god knows what's in that traffic it could be smugglers, illegals or what have you. i mean it doesn't feel safe like it use to. quite frankly its frightening," said Munoz.

The suspects are carrying bundles of dope and take police at a triple digit speed from La Joya all the way through Palmview, dodging the morning's commute along the way. Finally the senseless suspects crash into a utility pole right off Abram road between Four Mile Line and Five Mile Line, escaping on foot.  The smugglers knocked out power to area residents.

"The driver hit a pole or struck a pole and cut it in half. and then knocked the power out to the community there. and abounded the vehicle with bundles of marijuana," said Gutierrez.

Utility crews appeared on the scene replacing the pole with a new one restoring power. Sharon says if it wasn't for her parents still living in the area, she would have moved away long time ago.

"If i had my choice i would not be living down here. it's not a safe area. it use to be nice quite town area. but not anymore. i mean you never know whats going to happen," said Munoz.

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