Smart TV technology could come at a price, your privacy

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 9:41am

This story comes directly from our sister station at KTSM in El Paso, there reporter Anoushah Rasta asked how people would react if they found out they were being watched in their own homes?

Maybe someone is spying on your kids playing video games or while you were getting ready for work. What if we told you that strangers could be watching you through your Smart TV, here's Na'tassia Finley.

It wasn't long ago when all you did, while watching TV was, watch TV. Now you can surf the internet, view your Facebook account and even video chat with family, but all that convenience comes at a price.

Experts say your Smart TV can be  hacked and that means your TV could be watching you. With features like built-in cameras, microphones, web browsers and hard drives, Smart TV's are the next generation of home entertainment.

This new technology comes at a price, that trade-off is  your privacy. Jay J. Armes III is a private investigator and surveillance security specialist. He says Smart TV's can make your home vulnerable to cyber predators.

They can watch your children get ready for school or hear a private conversation between you and your spouse, what's worse, you might not know that you're being watched.

Armes says any photos, videos or information you upload and store into your Smart TV can also be accessed by a hacker who can then do with it what they want.

Jamie Johnson and her family spent weeks researching a new TV and decided to invest in a Smart TV, but what they didn't know was that a Smart TV could compromise her privacy.

Armes adds, hackers will generally target people of interest, like celebrities or politicians, nonetheless, he says it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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