Smallest victims find comfort in capes

Smallest victims find comfort in capes
Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 7:44am

Young mom uses superhero capes to comfort youngest Oklahoma storm victims.

Hundreds of people left homeless by last months storm in Oklahoma remain in shelters today.

For students at Plaza Towers and Briarwood Elementary it is now about gathering strength and moving forward.
Thanks to a non profit, half way across the country some of these kids now have superhero
"One house we went to there were little kid toys , there was a little stuffed animal and to me i have three boys and to see the pain that that child must have been feeling it was just overwhelming," said Barbara Casados.

If it's overwhelming for her imagine how a kid would feel. Especially one who lived through this.

But that's why Barbara is here. She has a way of making kids feel invincible.
She has the power to turn them into superheroes.
"The point to having a super hero cape is to let them go into an imagination land, get them away from reality, said Casados.

Her non profit Kiss The Toad is based just outside of San Francisco.

They make capes for those kids dealing with things no kid should ever deal with.
Cooper and Spencer lost their home, their toys, a lot of things.

But right now it's easy to forget about all that
"For them to take time out of their days and their schedules to come here, just to put a smile on my kids case is unspeakable," said Cooper and Spencer's dad.

All of the capes handmade and then delivered to young kids who went to Briarwood Elementary and Plaza Towers.

Something to help them forget about what happened even if just for a moment.
"A superhero cape makes children fly, it makes them smile," one child said.

Barbara Casados first started making capes for her autistic son.

She now delivers them to hospitals for kids.

In order to make the capes she relies on donations and of course she makes them all!!!

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