Slithering Surprise

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 3:27pm

Man wakes up to find huge snake in his bathroom.

"Let me get the hell out of here."

That was the reaction of Barrett Edwards when he sleepily stumbled into his bathroom overnight only to find a boa constrictor waiting on the floor.

"He was right here on this heater things getting real warm," Edwards recalls.

While staring at the snake, Barrett's blood started to warm up too.

He ended up jumping over the snake and called police.

"He was real long and he was crawling around here when the police man came," Barrett says.

The snake made it's way into Barrett's home after his sister bought a chair from her neighbor and moved it in to Barrett's home last Thursday.

"We ended up getting the chair with the snake in it," says Barrett.

That neighbor tells us he'd been looking for the snake for about a week.

The owner of this snake says he is going to return it to the pet store because he has a baby at home and he doesn't want anyone to get hurt.

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