Sleep For Your Health

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 9:14am

Three new studies available that link sleep deficits to major health problems.

Life can be a little bit more tough when you do not get enough sleep, making focus and concentration difficult during the day.

"Your brain needs to get enough sleep so it can do the things it needs to do," said Dr. Charles Bae of Cleveland Clinic.

New research finds that depression and anxiety are more likely in young adults who get less than eight hours of sleep per night.

The risk increases for every hour of sleep that is lost.

Another study shows that teens who lack sleep tend to consume more fatty foods and snacks.

"When you don't get enough sleep, there are changes in hormones that control your appetite," said Dr. Bae.

Researchers say that even slight changes in eating patterns can lead to weight gain, primarily in girls.

Sleep experts recommend that teens get at least nine hours of sleep every night.

Adults require less, but too little shut-eye with adult men can cause major problems.

A Penn State study links chronic insomnia with an increased risk of death in men.

Men who slept less than six hours during the night are on average four times more likely to die of any cause during the study's fourteen year follow-up period.

The risk is even more high for men who also had diabetes or high blood pressure.

Experts hope that this will prompt many to wake up to the health benefits of sleep, and encourage individuals into getting use to a bed time routine.

Also, experts recommend limiting the use of the internet and video games earlier on in the evening.

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