Skunks Raise A Stink

Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 8:33am

Golf course plagued by smelly pests.

There's a stinky situation taking place in many parts of North Dakota.

The drought has forced skunks to leave their natural habitats and move into our yards, neighborhoods, anywhere they can find food.

The Hillcrest golf course in Jamestown says they have seen the worst of it.

They say they started noticing the pesky critters about a year ago.

The skunks caused close to $1,000 of damage by digging up parts of the green.

They say they wanted to make sure the animals didn't ruin the course this year, so they set up traps.

"We thought at first there would be only one or two, but then we realized we caught a lot," says Marlyn Bertsch, Hillcrest golf course superintendent.

In just one month, the golf course has trapped 13 skunks.

The city of Fargo says they saw more skunks then usual earlier this summer as well.

Officials say even though skunks may look cute, always keep your distant, as they not only spray but could also carry disease.

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