Skunk Invasion

Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 2:15pm

Ohio town is seeing an influx of the smelly critters.

If your lawn looks like something is peeling it apart, you make have a skunk problem.

A unique combination of weather and timing has created a bigger mess than usual this year for resident of Russell Township, Ohio.

This time of year, skunks are fattening up for the winter. They are tearing into your yards and landscapes looking for food.

"The solution to your skunk problem may not be at animal control or even pest control but, instead, on the shelves of your local nursery.

Skunks are digging for grub worms.

They are the larvae stage of the Japanese beetle, now burrowing back underground.

"A lot of the chemicals you would use and put down early to repel those insects were not effective this year," Landscaper Jil Morgan said.

It's not effective because of the wet spring that was immediately followed by a dry summer.

Putting down grub control chemicals is next year's solution.

For now, eliminate spaces around your house a skunk might homestead, close off decking and clear debris.

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