Skunk Funk Eliminated

Thursday, December 16, 2010 - 11:17am

Professional crew removes skunk spray from charity's Christmas toys.

The smell is unmistakable.

The moment you enter Purcell, Oklahoma's Multipurpose Center, it hits you.

Recently a skunk sprayed thousands of toys collected for McClain County's "Operation Christmas".

Volunteers tried to air out the gifts and saturate them with odor-eating air freshener but nothing worked.

"I had nightmares of putting all this out in the garbage. And money, goes down the tubes and all the items, down the tubes," says Operation Christmas' Peggy Christian.

Roger Fawcett with Five Star Restoration heard about the skunk's dirty work and arrived Wednesday morning with the Skunk-a-nator!

It's a canon that shoots a fog that kills the smell.

Fawcett says the skunk funk should be gone and the toys by Friday, ready for 850 McClain County kids who would otherwise go without this year.

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