Skimmer Scam At The Pump

Monday, December 17, 2012 - 8:42am

High-tech card skimmers can easily steal your credit card info.

New technology is making it even easier for crooks to steal your credit card information from gas pumps.

And the new skimmers are not only impossible to detect, but thieves don't have to be anywhere near the gas station to use them.

They are using Bluetooth-enabled skimming devices.

According to Detective Eric Pahlberg, a member of the Sacramento Valley High-Tech Crimes Task Force, thieves can gain access to the majority of gas pumps across the county with several keys that are likely standardized for easy inspection and maintenance.

He added that any devices installed inside the pump are impossible for drivers to detect and tough for law enforcement to find.

"These guys will come in and install a skimmer on the pump. It'll stay on for a few days and they'll come back and take it off," Pahlberg explains. "Unless we discover it in the meantime, the gas owner or operator would never even know it's there."

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