Six Suspects Charged With Murder of San Benito Teen


POSTED: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 4:27pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 22, 2012 - 6:43am

Just 48 hours after he was left for dead, San Benito police tracked the men and woman who are accused of 19 year old Angel Perez's death.

Twenty-two year old Esteban Rodriguez, 21 year old Jose Lazaro Ramos, 18 year old JJ Leal, 18 year old Robert Martinez, 23 year old Ruby Sanchez and 18 year old Miguel Perez faced a judge this morning on first degree murder charges.

“First degree murder is justice for my son who is in the mortuary right now,” says the victim’s mother.

Investigators confirm that Perez was stabbed throughout his body 14 times before being left for dead. It happened at the intersection of Winchell and Rockefeller Monday morning just after midnight. Eye witnesses say the teen was pinned up to a fence as repeatedly stabbed.

Police say those responsible had witnessed Perez and two other men trying to break into a car in their neighborhood. They then jumped in an SUV and chased after Perez and the other two who were on foot. It was then that police say they caught up to Perez and attacked him. Perez mother wonders why they had to use such deadly force when confronting her son.

" Why do you want to use weapons? Take out your fists and fight like a man. Four or five against my son? I just want justice for my son. Each of them should get life in prison for what they did, without parole. They're all accountable for what they did," say his mother and stepfather.

Police aren't releasing which suspect actually stabbed the victim, they're withholding that piece of information until the trial.

The judge handed down half a million dollar bonds for the first degree murder charge that each suspect faces.



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