Shuttle Launch

Monday, May 16, 2011 - 8:14am

Space Shuttle Endeavour makes a second attempt at a final voyage.

The six-man crew of Shuttle Endeavour takes a step toward history this morning, making their way to the ship just before sunrise.

The initial launch of Endeavour on April 29th was postponed less than 4 hours before lift-off when a heating unit failed.

But after repairs and re-testing, all systems are go this morning.

"We really appreciate all the hard work by the team that's worked over the last couple of weeks to get shuttle Endeavour ready," said Shuttle Commander Mark Kelly.

Ready that is for an historic final flight.

Since its first launch in 1992, Endeavour has traveled over 116-million miles in space during 24 missions.

The wife of Commander Mark Kelly, wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, is seen here leaving Houston for the first launch attempt.

She made the trip again on Sunday.

Yesterday, this picture was posted on her Facebook page along with a short note that said she landed safely in Florida, after flying past the launch pad, which will get plenty of attention this morning.

Shuttle watcher Rusty Magliozzi said, "We're glad we made it down here. We hope that everyone can see this."

As many as 500-thousand spectators are expected to flood the Space Coast, all hoping to catch a glimpse of history.

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