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Friday, December 24, 2010 - 10:32am

Last minute shoppers will be out in force today.

At malls across America during the last minute rush, last minute shopper Drew Coronna said, "plenty of time.

Perplexed faces, frantic purchases and yes, frankly, a lot of men.

John Green of Lux Bond said, "When our store becomes about 90 percent men, we know that the holidays and Christmas have begun."

But it turns out, most people spent more than just the last minutes at the mall.

According to Consumer Reports, Americans say they planned to spend an average 15 hours on gift shopping.

Three and a half of those hours would be spent waiting in line.

As for going on-line, e-commerce was more popular than ever this year with sales up 15.4 percent.

Michael McNamara of MasterCard Advisors Spending Pulse said, “A part of the 2011 economic story is really being written right now and the story is a little bit better than what we've seen in a couple of years.”

Maureen Bausch of the Mall of America said, "We're running about 7 percent up right now and I think that will hold up through the end of the year."

More signs, not just that the American shopper is back, but that they may stick around said Bausch, "I’ll shop for others and then I’ll buy for myself were seeing a lot of that.”

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