Sheriff Lucio says tighter security measures in place at public events

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 7:57am

The Boston marathon bombing put people on edge across the country, but especially at public events. NewsCenter 23's Marty Watson spoke with Sheriff Lucio about the tighter security measures at public events in the Valley.

After the fatal Boston bombings, two weeks ago, that killed three and left over 260 injured, Valley citizens have inquired about whether there will be tighter security measures at public events.

Sheriff Lucio said safety measures at public events are already in place, "Well definitely you know, you have additional personnel as far as that goes and again, unless something looks out of place, unless something looks, somebody may be a little under the weather, somebody looks kind of suspicious, then we'll check it out."

Though public officials have not made any drastic changes in their procedures, there will always be plenty of safety officers on sight at local events. Sheriff Lucio says these first responders will always be on call to deal with any potentially threatening issues.

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