Shady Business: Asphalt Scam

Thursday, February 27, 2014 - 11:37am

Another scam in our Shady Business segment deals with asphalt and cement, find out how people are getting scammed out of hundreds for trying to fix up their property, Marty Watson tells us how to avoid this.

Imagine getting a knock at your door from someone selling leftover asphalt from a previous job they just came from. The person tells you they can fix up your less than spectacular driveway or walkway at a discounted price with the asphalt, but when all is said and done, you're left with a huge bill you weren't expecting.

It's one of the latest scams that's been happening to various people through the Valley as Dolores Salinas, President of the Better Business Bureau, states, "Be aware that you will find people that'll come to your door and say, 'We have leftover material,' whether it be asphalt or roofing or whatever, wanting to do work for you at a discounted price, unsolicited."

Marty Watson, "Salinas also mentioned a man who experienced the same scam firsthand."

Dolores Salinas, "He agreed that yes you can do it, but do $500 worth. So, he allowed the asphalt person to do the work and when it was said and done he was handed a $5000 bill."

That's not what the consumer intended at all for a poor job on his driveway, Dolores Salinas, "Now a few days later, the asphalt is actually lifting up which means that the job was not done properly. It's not gonna take, it's not gonna work for him."

Because the man who was duped did not sign any contact or agreement with the asphalt company he was left with an advantage, Dolores Salinas,"He was pretty smart, he called the local law enforcement, which happened to be the Sheriff's Office and had a report filed with them, letting them know that there was a problem. Letting them know that that's not what the agreement was."

With the county on his side, he isn't as worried about  the scam now, but other people should be informed.

Salinas says simply verifying the cost estimates and the quality of the material can also save you from becoming the victim of a scam.

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