Seven State Showdown

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 3:42pm

Voters head to the polls to decide primary races in seven states.

In seven states and the nation's capitol, candidates spent the day doing last minute stumping in primaries that could be the best preview of the voters' mindset going into November's crucial midterms.

It has already been a turbulent primary season full of upsets for incumbents and according to polls, a growing sense that anyone would be better than the establishment.

In Delaware, where Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell threatened to defeat Republican Congressman Mike Castle, now running for Senate, the primary had the potential to turn the tide on Republicans hoping to win back control of Congress.

Democrats continue to fight to keep focus off of the president's first 18 months.

"They're trying to make in the last weeks of the election to move this from a referendum on the performance of the country, the two years under Obama and the Democratic Congress, to more of a choice with the Republicans," explains Atlantic Media Political Director Ron Brownstein.

Still for many voters there is one overriding concern: the struggling economy, an issue that may soon leave some politicians out of work.

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