Service dog stolen from veteran with PTSD

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 9:54am

Someone stole a service dog belonging to an Iraq war veteran who is diagnosed with PTSD. Now the service woman is hoping to get her best friend and important companion back, Drew Karedes reports.

Blanka Stratford, "This dog is what keeps me sane."

Blanka Stratford is on a mission, "I just want my dog back." and he's not just any dog.

The Havanese named, Spencer, is a registered service dog, helping his owner deal with PTSD.

Blanka Stratford, "At end of it.. it's a little furry body next to me that, I'm sorry I just can't."

This Iraq war veteran is visiting Houston, from Massachusetts. She made the mistake of leaving Spencer in her parked car on Fargo Street in Montrose Saturday night, to have food and drinks with a high school friend.

Blanka Stratford, "It was a stupid stupid decision."

When she returned, Spencer was gone and so was her laptop and camera, "It took me so long to process that he's not physically here anymore."

Stratford, hasn't slept since, she's been posting fliers and going from one business to the next telling her story to anyone who will listen, Michael Engelke, Bartender, "It's a very offensive thing because she needs that dog obviously."

She refuses to leave Houston without her dog and is willing to give up everything she has, "I have a really nice bike. I'll give my bike..I'll give my car I don't care. I just want my dog back. I don't care what kind of excuse they come up with..I'm not asking any questions. I'm not out to get this person."

A person, she hopes, will have a heart and return the dog she turns to, to cope with the trauma.

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