Senator Lucio Jr. to Campaign Against Newt Gingrich

Senator Lucio Jr. to Campaign Against Newt Gingrich
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 10:56am

BROWNSVILLE - State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. says he'll campaign vigorously against Newt Gingrich if Gingrich becomes the GOP presidential nominee.

The Democratic Senator says he's still outraged by a speech Gingrich delivered back in 2007 when he addressed the National Federation of Republican Women that he disapproved of bilingual education and pushes English immersion instead of "the language of living in the ghetto."

Senator Lucio Jr. says he remains deeply offended, "I think it's anti-immigration as it's best and that concerns me. I certainly don't want a man or woman that's president of our country that would in anyway depict the Spanish language which we think is a beautiful language as the pit of the earth. To me it sends the wrong message which is unbecoming of anyone, especially for the candidate of the president of our country." Gingrich has apologized for the remark saying he should have voiced his opinion differently.

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