Senator Lucio Jr. Comments on Attorney General's Letter to President Obama

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 - 10:03am

BROWNSVILLE - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's recent letter to President Obama about border security, or the lack thereof, is continuing to cause quite a stir.

In the letter, Abbott addressed incidences of spillover violence, like last month's shooting of a Hidalgo county sheriff deputy, and other cartel related crimes occurring on American soil, "Violence is already starting to follow these criminals to the United States, as the increasing cartel activity in South Texas demonstrates. Their presence in our country is more evidence that cartels increasingly view the porous border as no more than a line on a map. And if your administration continues to fail to secure the border against this threat, it is only a matter of time before American lives are lost."

Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. had this to say about the letter, "I think what we ought to do is start finding solutions instead of fighting amongst each other. We need to collaborate and join forces. The local law enforcement, the city and the county should come together with the state."

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