Senator Cruz popularity rising

Friday, October 18, 2013 - 9:30am

If you didn't know Republican Senator Ted Cruz before the government shutdown, you likely do now. The junior Senator from Texas led the charge against Obamacare and shot into the national spotlight and even though many see the shutdown showdown as a loss for Republican, Athena Jones reports, it could be a big win for Cruz.

 Athena Jones, "Failure has never looked so good."

Sen. Ted Cruz, "This is a terrible deal."

Perhaps that's because Senator Ted Cruz does not feel beaten, The day after Cruz was defeated in his battle to defund Obamacare, he was out shaking the hands of WW II veterans, "If the American people rise up, we're going to turn this around."

Cruz has energized his base. A Pew Research Center Poll released this week shows his popularity soaring among Tea Party Republicans, jumping to 74 percent from 47 percent in July.

Tom DeLay, (R) Fmr. House Majority Leader, "Out here in the real world, outside of New York and Washington, D.C., these people think Ted Cruz is a hero."

And donors are supporting him in a big way to keep his fight going, Cruz has reportedly raised three quarters of a million dollars these last few weeks.

The President may think he silenced Cruz, who famously spent 21 hours on the Senate floor railing against Obamacare, "I do not like green eggs and ham."

Cruz's Obamacare fight has not  been without a price Stuart Rothenberg, The Rothenberg Political Report, "His colleagues in the Senate look at him as an adversary, as a trouble maker, as a problem child, not as somebody they want to cooperate with."

His hometown newspaper sharply critical of his performance since their endorsement last year. The Teas Party vows to fight on, the damage for Republicans is undeniable Stuart Rothenberg, "He may end up leading a party the question is whether it's a party that can compete nationally either for control of congress or the presidency."

The Cruz factor giving late night comedians plenty of fodder, Conan O'Brien, Comedian, "President Obama has said that the day after the budget deal is made, he's going to concentrate on immigration. Yeah. [applause] he says, yes, he will start by deporting Ted Cruz."

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