Senate Takes Up Repeal Battle

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 2:44pm

Republicans use amendment to non-related bills to force vote on health care repeal.

Senate Republicans are trying to repeal President Obama's health care reform law.

The House passed a health care repeal bill last month, but Senate Democrats refused to send it to the floor for a vote.

Today Republicans succeeded in bringing a repeal up for a vote, though it's part of a completely unrelated bill, and stands little chance of passing.

GOP lawmakers say they're sending a message from the American people, however the latest polls show Americans evenly split on a repeal.

A federal judge has ruled the law unconstitutional in one of several pending lawsuits.

Senate Democrats asked legal scholars whether the law might survive a Supreme Court challenge.

"It's really rather unremarkable," Walter Dellinger of the Duke University School of Law testified. "It's no more intrusive than Social Security and Medicare."

Republicans don't have the votes to override a presidential veto, but say the fight isn't finished.

The White House says it's happy to help Republicans improve the health care law, but won't retreat.

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