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Friday, September 17, 2010 - 9:33am

Grocery chain Whole Foods is putting labels on some of it's own seafood with advice NOT to buy it.

The Seafood Awareness Campaign at grocery chain 'Whole Foods’ means the next time you shop for bargains on seafood, don't be surprised to see signs steering you away from certain species.

“Seafood is an area where a lot of customers have a little bit of confusion,” says Matt Mell, Whole Foods Seafood Supervisor.

To clear up some of that confusion, Whole Foods has adopted a color-coded rating system.

Green signifies a species of fish in abundance, that's caught responsibly by commercial fisheries.

George Khoury, a Whole Foods store manager explains;
"They're using sustainable practices so that they're not depleting the resources, that they're not harming the environment while they're fishing."

Yellow means the species may be overfished and doing harm to other sea-life when caught.

While red indicates the fish is definitely suffering for those very same reasons.

Whole foods still offers them though, to send a message.

"The reason why we're continuing to carry these species’ says Mell, ‘is we want to give these vendor-partners an opportunity to make changes to their operations"

Changes that are recommended by the Blue Ocean Institute the environmental group that's advising Whole Foods on their seafood labeling system.

Customers are already more satisfied.

Shelley Margulies, says she’ll twice the next time she’ll shop for seafood.

"This will definitely make me take a second thought before I bought something."

Some retailers have gone a step further and have stopped offering certain seafood because of the way that it’s caught.

Chris Clackum, NBC News.

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