Selecting the right Christmas tree for the Holiday season


POSTED: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 - 10:24am

UPDATED: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 - 10:28am

After the busiest shopping weekend of the Holiday season, all of those gifts need to go underneath something, which is where finding the perfect Christmas tree comes into play.

If you're making your first transition from a fake tree to a real one, it's easy to get overwhelmed in choosing the right tree.

There's many different options in color, from white trees to look like fresh snow, to red, blue and purple trees, but before you get caught up in the shade of tree, you don't want to make a common rookie mistake by getting a tree that's too big for your home.

Alicia Conner, from Fresh Select Trees, stated, "What you're going to need to consider is your ceiling. How high it is and also the diameter of the tree, because sometimes you know just because you like a tree it's not gonna fit in your house."

One of the myths of Christmas tree shopping is that you have to wait until it's closer to Christmas to make sure your tree lives for the duration of the holidays, but Conner says there's a simple way to keep a tree alive even until the end of January.

"It's water, water, water, all the time," she explained.  "The trees are fresh and they're recently cut, and they're supposed to last you the whole season.  Of course, a lot of people buy them somewhere else and they're already dying and they don't water them, and that's a hazard."

One tip that experts suggest when going out and finding your perfect Christmas tree, pay attention to the leaves. If they're too dry, not only will that tree die faster, but it's also a fire hazard whenever you wrap hot Christmas lights around a tree with dry leaves.

"It's dangerous when you buy a tree that's dying because they tend to just dry up and the lights can just make it flammable," Conner said.  "Make sure you don't put too many lights and make sure the tree is live and fresh."

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