Seeing Double

Thursday, October 21, 2010 - 9:04am

Identical twin nursing students are both chosen for an exclusive hospital training program.

Elizabeth and Alexandra Perez are identical twins, with identical career paths.

But having twins on staff here at Texas Health Arlington Memorial was definitely a change of pace for their new coworkers.

"Most of the floor knows that we're twins"
"But I don't think they can tell us apart."
"We could probably pull of switching... but I wouldn't!! **laughs**"))

These two girls have plenty to smile about.

Out of the 3-hundred students who applied to the Texas Health Youth Prodigy Program, only 25 were chosen.

"They ended up choosing both of us which was incredible I was so excited." Said Alexandra

Now both girls work as patient care technicians while they go to college.

Alexandra continues…"Oh I love it, I didn't think work was supposed to be so much fun, like I look forward to going. Like it's exciting, completely exciting!"

Alexandra works in Ortho-neuro, while Elizabeth spends her time in the ER.

"We help out with really anything that needs to be done" says Elizabeth.

Not only do the girls get hands on experience, their college is paid in full by the hospital.

As long as they continue with the program they'll get free school till graduation.

But these nurse prodigies are looking much further into the future than that.

"I hope to be here until I become a nurse and after…” says Elizabeth. “I love it here, I love the ER and it's just the teamwork, everyone here is friendly and every day I'm learning something new."

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