Secret Service Controversey

Monday, April 16, 2012 - 7:54am

A controversy involving the Presidents Protection may be on the horizon.

President Obama is back in Washington this morning after saying he'd be "angry" if embarrassing allegations about the secret service prove true.

11 agents are on leave after allegedly engaging prostitutes while preparing for the president's trip to Colombia.

That investigation now also includes 5 members of the military who've been confined to their quarters while the u-s tries to sort out what happened.

Colombian police say an advance team of secret service agents brought local prostitutes back to their hotel after preparing for President Obama’s arrival at the summit of the Americas last Thursday.

11 agents - including two supervisors -- were sent home and placed on leave as the military announced 5 service members may have participated.

President Obama said he's reserving judgment for now. "If it turns out that some of the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, then of course I'll be angry."

In a statement, the Secret Service said it "...demands more from its employees, and these expectations are met and exceeded every day by the vast majority of our workforce."

Congress will also investigate: "My committee will look into details of what happened here to see whether there should be changes to procedures or if something should have been noticed before. " said Chairman, House Committee on Homeland Security, Rep. Peter King, (R-NY).

"The question is, is the whole organization in need of some soul-searching, some changes, or before -- before the President, the Vice President, members of the Cabinet are in danger," said House Oversight & Gov't Reform Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa sot (R-CA).

There's concern whether the agents may have left themselves open to blackmail... While protecting the president.

So-called "wheels up" parties are reportedly not uncommon - but typically happen after the president has left town.

Tracie Potts, NBC News.

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