Scoreboard placed on hold by Weslaco school board

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 9:36am

A new $1 million football scoreboard is in jeopardy after the Weslaco school board held off the approval.

The new scoreboard was set to become the biggest digital scoreboard in the state.

The proposed 27 foot by 48 foot screen would replace Weslaco's current 14 foot by 18 foot screen.

Proponents say with the advertising possibilities the screen would be paid off in a decade, but the school board decided there were more pressing issues to deal with as Erasmo Lopez stated, "I'm real excited about the getting a new scoreboard, but at this time, there's a lot of needs that the district has. With security, the way it is nowadays all over the country, we need to put that ahead of projects such as this. We do not want to kill this project, we want to move it further back in line of urgency."

Some school board members say they would've approved the project two years ago, but now just isn't the right time for it.

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