Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 9:13am

Record-shattering heat continues across the country.

August is beginning where July ended in much of the country.

Temperatures are way above normal even for mid-summer.

15-states had temperatures of 100-degrees or more on Tuesday, and with the extreme heat comes danger.

One week into high-school practice, it appears the heat has already claimed three lives in the South, including a 55-year-old coach.

As the drought continues in Texas, lakes are drying up.

NASA confirms a tank from the Space Shuttle Columbia was discovered in a lake in Nacogdoches as water levels receded.

A record-setting summer continues in Florida as well.

Doctors are seeing numerous cases of heat-related illness and say recognizing symptoms can help prevent serious trouble.

"You're profusely sweating but you're very dehydrated, your pulse gets high, you get light-headed," explains Dr. David Soria.

No relief from the blazing heat is coming any time soon.

Forecasters say more record highs are likely today and tomorrow from Arizona to Virginia, as millions of Americans are trying to stay cool anyway they can.

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