Scientists conducting genetic testing on Tiger Shrimp found in the Gulf

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 10:04am

They're one of the most mysterious types of shrimp and right now scientists are conducting genetic testing to figure out a little more about the Black Tiger Shrimp. Their numbers seem to wax and wane in the Gulf and a recent decline in appearance has shrimpers wondering where they went.

Cameron County Extension Agent, Tony Reisinger stated, "Lately we haven't been getting any, we haven't got anything in five months."

Until Wednesday, a shrimp boat that docked brought this female Tiger shrimp into the Port of Brownsville. A good sign that maybe other Tiger shrimp are still out there, "We thought the Tigers were competing with our shrimps for food and habitat."

Reisinger says the Tiger shrimp is in the same family as commercial shrimp like the Brown, Pink and White shrimp.

Before the most recent disappearance, 52 shrimp were brought in over a 9 month period, so where are they now, that's the big questions scientist are trying to answer.

"We are looking at our small part of the world down here, our boats range up to Louisiana and maybe some of their inshore boats are catching more, so we really can't say for sure if they're gone or until we get some good scientific evidence behind it.

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