Science Academy Helps Teacher Educate Students

Friday, July 22, 2011 - 5:35pm

Meet Raquel Cornejo, an eighth grade science teacher at Stillman Middle School and recent graduate of the Sally Ride Science Academy.

“I was very honored to be picked but more than anything I want to bring this to as many teachers as I can,” says Cornejo.

The Sally Ride Science Academy is a program that provides teachers with lessons and textbooks that are designed to help increase their student’s interests in both science and math.

“Kids can identify with it and find science and math relevant in their life,” says Cornejo. “They think they are either going to be a doctor or a lawyer and they think that is all there is but these books bring a wide range of careers like becoming a plant physiologist.”

Cornejo was one of only a few hundred teachers from across the country selected to take part in the four day program and says she wants her students to have the opportunity to explore careers in science. She will also act as a teacher trainer and pass along the lessons she learned from the academy.

“We are going to try and train as many BISD teachers as we can with the Sally Ride Program,” says Cornejo. “I know it will work with students and hopefully it will get those engineering and math majors down here in the Valley.”

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