School Of Hard Knocks

Friday, August 19, 2011 - 9:13am

Cheerleading is second only to football in number of concussions suffered.

Football players get the headlines, but on the sidelines the hits can be just as hard.

Cheerleading can be dangerous.

Coach Vicki Jones has almost a dozen national cheerleading championships under her belt.

She demands precision.

Precision, she says, prevents injuries.

"They have to know their counts, they have to know where to be at the exact time they have to be there, they have to be very focused or someone will get hurt," she says.

Cheerleaders get hurt a lot.

The Arizona Interscholastic Association says cheerleading is second only to football in number of concussions.

That's why cheerleaders will have to get educated on concussions, right along with the contact sports.

Vicki says thanks to a lot of training she's seen lots of hard hits, but not many concussions.

Still she relies on the girls to watch out for each other and know when something's not right.

"Most important is technique, and we stress technique and there's consequences when there's not follow through with technique," she says.

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