School bus driver accused of being intoxicated

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 10:02am

A school bus driver in Houston is facing charges of driving while intoxicated. He was arrested while taking students home from a charter school on Monday afternoon, Robert Arnold reports.

Stacey Hunter, Parent, "This is unacceptable, this very unacceptable. Those are kids."

Stacey Hunter had two daughters on-board a school bus driven by the man who wound up in the back of a Precinct 7 patrol car, "That could've turned into something very, very bad."

While driving kids home from the Zoe Learning Academy, police say the school bus driver rammed his bus into a parked car, Demetrus Ellis, Witness, "He backed into her car probably about four or five times just kept hitting her car."

Demetrus Ellis says residents tried to talk to the driver when he got to look at the damage, "He was stumbling; couldn't talk, nothing."

Ellis says even though people tried to stop him, the driver got back on the bus and drove off. He was eventually pulled over at the intersection of Bellfort and Jutland and given a field sobriety test.

Sgt. Marcus Grant, "The driver showed signs of intoxication; couldn't stand up and had real bad speech."

Sgt. Grant says the driver also had a suspended license. The head of the Zoe Learning Academy says the driver is not one of their employees.

He works for Reaching Out 2 Youth Transportation;  which is contracted to bus kids to and from the school.

Richard Rose, Zoe Learning Academy, "They provide their own background checks, they hire their own people. We trust that the contract that we have with them, that those things are taken care of."

The head of Zoe Learning Academy says this is the first time he's had this type of problem with the company.

KPRC reports it checked with the transportation company involved but has not yet received a response.

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