School Bullying Ends With Restraining Order

Friday, April 27, 2012 - 2:39pm

A suspected case of bullying moved from the classroom to the court room.

A suspected case of bullying moved from the classroom to the court room in Ohio.

A judge granted a restraining order against a student in London City Schools after a senior claimed a classmate tried to run into her with his car.

The incident made a parent seek legal action to stop bullying against her daughter.

The high school girl claims the male has been calling her fat, a lesbian and a man at a London High School in London, Ohio.

Her mother then sought legal action, and it is being handled as a civil suit.

The school district is trying to figure out how to enforce the protection order keeping them separated by 100 feet, yet still in the same school.

Rick Rieser is an expert and author on bullying, and says parents are starting to use legal methods to keep kids safe.

"It’s not uncommon for parent or child to seek a restraining order against another student there is an emerging trend that's happening we're seeing increased legal intervention into the school setting with lawyers and working with parents trying to find the answer to how can I get protection for my child," said Rieser.

The school district has already started the process to proactively deal with bullying.

"We will be putting before the board of education in May and hopefully approving in June, some added items to our bullying policy about cyber bullying and things of that nature," said London City Schools Superintendent Thomas Ben.

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