School Board Shooting

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 10:18am

Gunman takes his own life after opening fire on Florida school board.

A terrifying scene unraveled tuesday afternoon at a school board meeting in Panama City, Florida.

A man identified as Clay Duke talked briefly to school board members about his wife's firing.

After spray-painting a red figure on a nearby wall, Duke then waved his gun and ordered women and children to leave, taking those remaining hostage.

When a female school board member tried to knock the gun out of Duke's hand with a purse, he knocked her to the ground and began firing.

No one was injured by the initial gunshots.

Duke then exchanged fire with a security guard before taking his own life.

The school board superintendent says security measures for future meetings will be discussed.

"I've got employees in there that will probably never be the same again, I'm not sure I'll ever be the same again," said superintendent Bill Husfelt.

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