Saved By A Dog Chip

Friday, July 29, 2011 - 8:58am

Wandering man suffering from dementia identified thanks to his dog's microchip.

A missing Kent, Washington man is reunited with his family thanks to a good Samaritan, firefighters and two dogs.

No one knew the dogs, who were with the man, would hold the one clue to getting him back home.

Lost and disoriented, Stan Jessop wandered ontoBlack Diamond Road with his sister's two dogs Thursday morning.

"Unfortunately I was out working in my garden and I didn't hear Stanley leave," said Patty Hannaman, Jessop's sister.

Driver after driver passed him, until Kristen Taylor came along.

"I can't drive past somebody like that so I stopped and asked him if he needed help," said Taylor.

She took him to the nearest fire station where firefighters tried to find out how to get a 68-year-old man with dementia back home.

"We had a hard time figuring out where he came from so the only identification that was anywhere near there was the dog tags," said Tim Percival with Mountain View Fire and Rescue.

The microchip collars around Kizzi and Amigo were supposed to keep them safe, but it ended up being the key to getting Stan back to where he belonged.

"I've never heard of a microchip helping somebody get home," said Percival.

The microchips contained the address and phone number of Stan's sister, who had no idea he was even gone.

"It's such a small little thing and it can be a lifesaver, not only for the pet, but apparently for humans also," said Hannaman.

"I think fabulous that a little microchip on a dog got me out of trouble," Jessop said.

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