Santa Soldier Suprise

Thursday, December 22, 2011 - 11:03am

Soldier returning from Iraq surprises daughter with a little help from Santa.

Just days before Christmas, a 10-year-old girl in College Springs, Iowa got a gift she had been asking for the last 6 months.

Three minutes left in the first quarter of a basketball game, Staff Sergeant Seth Mackey snuck through a back door, getting briefed one last time.

He slipped into a giant gift box, waiting to surprise his daughter.

"I haven't seen her for six months," says Mackey.

10-year-old Amorette Mackey is deaf.

As she performed with her school's signing choir, her dad stealthily moved into position.

Once Amorette wrapped up a solo, Santa presented her with an early gift.

Inside the box was her dad, home from Iraq earlier than expected.

"It's nice to be home for it, especially when you go away not expecting to be home for it. So it's a big surprise," says Mackey.

Amorette couldn't agree more.

"I just feel like, I just wanted my dad home right now, and I'd been crying everyday he's been gone and right now he is home and I'm just glad he's home," she says.

Emotions overflowed the gym, as the young girl greeted her dad home for Christmas.

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